Efficient medicines for coronavirus

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In China, people with coronavirus disease are being known. Hearing there is a lot of sorrow and pain. Ever since I heard about this disease, the same question was arising in my mind that people are dying and I am not doing anything. One thing in my heart is that there will be some medicine which can cure this disease. Because whatever disease God gives, there is already a cure in the world. After scrubbing the books, it was found that the viruses of this disease attack those parts of our body which are important in our body. So I have tried to find a cure accordingly. Many doctors of the world are putting their full strength to treat this disease. The medicine I am telling has a very long history.

The medicine that I have prepared is very easy and inexpensive. These things are easy to get. Every hour the patient interrupted by Coronavirus has to mix 5 grams of Kalonji oil [Black seed oil] and 5 grams of honey and feed it. Black seed oil will eliminate coronavirus and honey will eliminate patient weakness. There will be no side effects from this medicine. This treatment will not have any effect on the treatment of the patient. These things have been used for medicine for thousands of years.

Many books have been written about black seeds and about honey. Prophet Mohammad [S.W.A] said that Blackseed has treatment for every disease except death. And in the Qur’an, honey is said to cure every disease. Such a big personality has said so much about these things, we need to use those things in our life. These medicines do not see any religion. What I came to know was that it was my duty to bring before the world as a human being. Chinese doctors should do research on these two things quickly and save people from dying.

Coronavirus is no longer the only problem of China, the whole world is threatened by it. I hope people benefit from the medicine that I have told you. I appeal to all the scientists of the world to invent medicine as soon as possible and save the lives of people.

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